Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Another guest poster today!
A big welcome to Pooh Bear on her first blog post!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

On Saturday I went to my inter-squad gymnastics competition.

We did floor first. 

I did good. I pointed my toes.

Then we did vault. I ran and ran and ran and I hit the fat Joe.
Then I did it again and I did  the same thing.

Then we did bars. 

I did good. I like bars.

Last but not least, beam. 

It was fun.

Then we got metals and guess what? I was in first place!

I love gymnastics.

The End.

A few comments from the editor (mom): 
1. Pooh Bear is on the gymnastics team at her gym (Gymcats, hence the blog title) and is a Level 4 (the first level, the highest level on this team right now is a level 7). The "inter-squad" competition was just their team, it helps them practice for the "real" competitions.

2. The fat Joe is the big fat mat that the level 4s do their vaults onto. It is super hard to take a picture in that corner because of the light situation, so imagine the dive you see in the vaulting photo above. She ran, jumped on the spring board, dove (photo), into a handstand and fell over flat onto her back. They do the same vault twice. She was awesome, she got an 8.6!

3. The bars are totally hard, enough said. You should see this girls ripped stomach and back muscles! (and arm and leg muscles too)

4. Beam was awesome too. She had two jumps and a leap that she totally nailed. I love the photo of her jumping in the air on the beam. It just looks impossible to me, with gravity not being my friend and all.

5. All the girls got metals, but Pooh Bear did have the highest score in her level. I don't have a picture because I had to leave (I know terrible mother) and head home so Mark could go to the airport. He said something about not wanting to miss his plane? No, I didn't make her walk home. Grandma Tina and Grandpa Phil were there to witness the magnificence that is Pooh Bear's gymnastics skills and they brought her home. I'm sure Grandma took pics with her camera but I forgot to get them from her. Maybe she will post one on her blog for us? Thanks Grandma Tina, you're the best! Click here to see the award winners!

Anyway, thanks Miss Pooh Bear for an awesome Gymnastics Meet and an even awesome-er blog post!

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