Monday, April 4, 2011

the 50's

It seems that all the blogs I follow have a guest poster every once in a while. And, since I am slightly behind in my posting of events. And I have willing writers who consider it pretty cool to post on Mom's blog. Here you go....

Guest Post by Drama

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mom and I went to a really fun party where we got to dress up in the 50's! It was a recognition night for Activity Days. Mom bought me a costume that got a lot of people's attention. It was a Pink Lady costume, it also came with the record earrings. The earrings got most of the attention. Mom just wore one of her black skirts, a white shirt, and a blue sweater. That was good enough.

At the party we had fun hula-hooping.

We also ate ice cream. I got ice cream for mom. I'm nice.

This is me and my friend Anna.


  1. Love the 50's sun glasses! Great post Drama, you can be my guest blogger anytime!!

  2. So Drama girl: you look like me in the 7th grade. Although my glasses were pearlized white-these were ones I wore ALL the time (sad, huh?) and my red sweater wasn't monogrammed. I had a "poodle skirt" that was red and had a beautiful white horse with a brown mane & tail my mom made out of brown yard. I'd sit in church & braid the tail yard. If she saw it, I'd get "the look". I always thought the red sweater made me look fat. Anyway, I loved Judys outfit better. She had a baby blue cardigan (mine was a polo type thing) and SHE had a scarf around her neck and her skirt was light blue, I think. She had a gorgeous bird cage embroidered on it with birds out of felt hand sewn on & then sequins on the bird. About 10 years ago, she told me she liked mine better! Guess we're never happy!

  3. oops. I meant brown yarn. Where's spell check?

  4. Oh. And thanks for blogging. There are never ever too many Lehi Van Horn bloggers. I love you.