Sunday, October 17, 2010


The girls were on "Fall Break" Thursday and Friday and I had promised them that I would take them to Corn-bellies. For those whose aren't in the know, Corn-bellies is a fall carnival out at Thanksgiving Point. They pass out advertisements at school so the kids beg their parents to go until their parents wish their ears would fall off. I caved and said we could go. So after all the trauma Bea cooked up that morning (see previous post) we headed over for some BIG fun.

Here the girls are in Princess Land (or something like that) riding the knight in shining armor's horse.
 In Cinderella's carage.
 Bea showing off her sliding skillz.
 Lost in the non-scary corn maze.
Driving the play firetruck.
I only lost The Boss for 6, 7 minutes tops in the huge crowd of kids. No Biggie, right.

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  1. Good thing she didn't get on her Big Wheel and head for the fwy off ramp. Like her Uncle Jeff. Explain that to the police.