Monday, October 18, 2010

And They Said It Wouldn't Last

14 years

14 crazy, happy, sad, exciting, stressful, amazing, breathtaking, tense, educational, tearful, joyful, lazy, hectic, eventful years.

14 years of married bliss

This was what my sweet husband left for me on the kitchen table this morning.
Layers of all my favorite candies in a cool apothecary jar (I love apothecary jars). Starting with Swedish Fish, Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Hot Tamales, Milk Chocolate Kisses, & Red Vines.
 There are 2 problems with this, however.  

#1 How should I go about eating them. Probably layer by layer is best.
#2 I will probably have consumed the entire array of confections before Mark gets back from Virginia! Already, as I have been typing, I have been swiping Red Vines from the top!

And here is a picture of what I got for Mark on this, our Anniversary Day...

Sadly, I forgot it was our anniversary. I remember, generally, when we were married, October-ish. But I can never remember the day and this year I totally spaced it altogether. In my very sad defense, we did go on a cruise for our anniversary a couple of weeks ago and we weren't supposed to get each other presents. So, really, he broke the rules....

Thanks for 14 amazing years "sweetie"


  1. Wow! My expectations for my anniversary have shot through the roof. Thanks, Mark! Justin is going to love this...

  2. I have been adding the anniversaries for all the family on your darling picture calendar. Not that I call or anything. But I did know!
    WAIT!! 14 years? But I look OLD in your wedding pictures! It just doesn't make sense....