Thursday, March 18, 2010

Staycation, Part 2

When we last saw the Van Horn Family they were at the Zoo. . .
After the zoo we checked into the Little America, raced to our room and changed into swimsuits. The Boss needed a nap so I volunteered to stay with her in the room and I didn't send my camera with Mark, so there are no pictures. But I assure you that the girls had a blast.

We cleaned up and went to dinner in the Little America restaurant. Then we hopped on TRAX and headed up to the University of Utah. There was a gymnastics meet between the U, Southern Utah University, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.
We got there a little early for the face painting and balloon animals. (Don't let anyone know that Pooh Bear wanted a "Y" painted on her face and was truly upset when we told her it was not a good idea. Shhh.)
It was fun for Drama and Pooh Bear to see the gymnasts doing the things that they have practiced (well a higher version of what the girls learn) and the U won the meet, so that was extra exciting. The Boss had a great time eating popcorn, drinking caffeinated beverages, cheering with the crowd and running up and down our row.

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