Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Really, I Made These

I really don't know what has taken over my very un-crafty self lately, cause I have been cranking out some way too cute stuff (if I do say so myself).

I'll start with my new favorite things. Did you know you can MAKE baby shoes? I have seen these on Etsy and thought I should totally get my Mom to make these for me. Then I found this blog with a pattern, and I had just been to Broadbent's and picked up some totally cute fabric. So, I said to myself, (everyone together now) just try it, how hard can it be really? (don't look to close at them, it was my first attempt and there are A LOT of mistakes)

Get Out!

Shut Up!

I lined the insides with that super soft minky fabric and the best part is, when we went out today, she couldn't kick them off. No matter how hard she tried, they stayed on her feet! And it was cold outside today. Warm and invincible! I am working on a totally cute onesie with this flower appliqued on the front. Hello domestication, my name is Amy.

Next - I started these 2 weeks ago....
I was watching Studio 5 and saw these cute pillows and immediately wanted them, I even went to the same store to by the fabric they had used. The pattern and instructions for the super cute flower came from here.
All of the pillows are supposed to have cute flowers on them. However, I made the first flower, the beautiful white one, and it took for. ev. er. I got it all attached and fluffed up and placed it lovingly on my couch. Then morning came and it was immediately initiated into our loving household (here you should read, "the girls fought over who got to sit (seriously, girls, sit!) on this pillow to do their morning reading." I can tell you that the pillow did not win that fight.) Aria also thinks that the pretty fake pearls in the center of the flower are fascinating, if she could just get them into her mouth. . . (They're probably dipped in lead and powder coated in arsenic.)
I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but the pillow is actually cowering in fear and making sad whimpering sounds.

So, the other pillows will remain flowerless until the girls grow up and leave the house, because they will never stop fighting.



  1. I love the fabric for the shoes - it looks like a Marabella pattern. You did a great job!

  2. Too, too cute! Love the shoes and the pillows. The fabric mix is beautiful. Great job!

  3. Wow! You really shouldn't be allowed to call your self uncrafty! Those are amazing! Can you make things for my house too? :) And you totally made my day because I woke up to snow here and was not so happy then I read your blog and had a good laugh and now I feel better! Although I'd feel even better if the snow went away! Oh well.

  4. Very stinkin' cute. You ARE quite the craft queen. Say that 5 times to yourself while looking in the mirror: "I AM THE CRAFT QUEEN" X 5. The "Tina" genetic code has come out of the closet.