Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Slides are Slippery

It's quiet in my house, well Sesame Street is on but two babies are still sleeping and two children are not fighting! (Yes, Drama and Pooh Bear have rediscovered and love watching Sesame Street, whatever, it's not Sponge Bob.)

I love KSL classifieds. Where else can you find a totally awesome toddler play gym for $35! These are so expensive new so I have been trolling KSL for a couple of weeks to find a "gently used" one and really (I almost used totally again, I must be sleep deprived and reverting back to my high school days!) scored with this one...We needed something in the back yard for the Boss to play on since the big play set is way too big. This is perfect, only a foot and a half off the ground so the Boss can fall off and not get too hurt. Of course her sisters are always most helpful in matters such as this.

Yes, Pooh Bear is in her gym suit, not swim suit. She has taken to wearing just her gym suit on gymnastic days. It must be too hot for any other layers, like a pair of shorts! We have actually gone to the Eye Dr. to pick up her glasses dressed like this. That's good parenting!


  1. I love that jump at the end.

  2. Amy, My daughter had a period of about a year and a half where she would get in the house and strip down to her undies. And I let her! :) So how's that for good parenting? (Note: I didn't let her go to Wal-Mart like that, though I may have thought about it) Postive side-it did save on laundry!