Monday, August 3, 2009

The Burrito Wrap

The Burrito Wrap is the single most important parenting skill one must learn when a new baby is introduced into the home. Our kids loved the burrito wrap, it's the only way they could sleep for the first couple of months. They didn't like hitting themselves in the head with wild arms and hands they didn't even know they had! Mark is the master at the burrito wrap, he can get it so tight there's no way that baby is going to wiggle out! Apparently The Boss was in need of a time out, or something, so Mark wrapped her up, burrito style....A sister's love...ahhh. This is about 30 minutes before The Boss whacked Aria in the head with her foam puzzle book. Now that's a sister's love.All together now, aahhhh.


  1. I like the pictures for the size comparison.

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  3. Perfect way to take care of children. I highly recommend it!