Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

We began the day with the annual Elementary Halloween Costume Parade. It is always fun to see what some kids come up with and their parents go along with. This was The Boss' first year participating in the parade and I think you can tell how very excited she was.

She found one of her sister's old jaguar costume and immediately decided that was what she wanted to be for Halloween. Awesome. One costume complete and $0 spent. 

Pooh Bear decided that she wanted to be a pioneer this year and wanted to wear the pioneer dress from when I went on trek. It's a little too big but nothing a few dozen safety pins can't fix. Costume #2 done and $0 spent. Now I am on a roll. This first picture is right at the beginning of the parade, she's a happy, hopeful pioneer here.

Her good friend broke her ankle in the first weeks of school playing soccer at recess and had to have surgery and pins put in to fix the damage. It has been very hard on PB. She keeps telling me how nice it will be when her friend can run and play again. So, here the pioneer is pushing a wheel chair instead of pulling a hand cart. The second photo was taken at the end of the parade, or her version of Marin's Cove, not so happy.

And then finally, it was time to go trick-or-treating for real. The Boss was certain that trick-or-treating would never come. 

Drama was not allowed to dress up for school this year (it's not allowed at the Junior High). But she wanted to go trick-or-treating with her friend who was dressing as a "capital person" from the Hunger Games. We did our best at "capital person" but since she hasn't seen the movie (it's PG13) and I have only seen it once, we just went for garish and over the top.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Beautiful girls and great show of resourcefulness!

  2. Love the costumes and it looks like they had a great time!