Tuesday, May 31, 2011

School Dance Festival, Twenty Eleven

May 31, 2011

Every year, the last week of school, there is a dance festival. Every grade learns a crazy dance and then they get to perform it out on the playground for all the parents, siblings, and fellow students.

It is super fun and something they look forward to. Except if you are in the fourth grade and then you have to do a square dance. 
With boys.
And that's lame.
{do people even say lame anymore? probably not.}

Drama, doing a square dance. With a boy.

The pioneer dress that she is wearing is mine. It is the one that I wore when Mark and I went with the Young Women and Young Men on the Trek in Wyoming. The skirt was a little shorter on me but not by much. Drama is getting to old and big for my taste. Where did my little baby girl go?

Pooh Bear, dancing to High School Musical. She didn't know I was there, even though I yelled at her several times. Oh well, I have the pictures to prove that I was, in fact, there.

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  1. Is that sunshine I see? It looks like the girls had a great time, even if Drama had to dance with boys!