Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Few Things I Forgot to Mention...

Last night I was in such a hurry to get the super cute pictures of my kids online that I forgot a few details...

If you want to see all the photo's that Foto Fly took I have an online gallery and password, email me or leave a comment and I will send it to you. 

Also, if you want prints {grandma's} I can order prints from the studio at $3 a sheet until Friday. After that they're $4 a sheet. A sheet has the following configurations:

1 - 8x10
8 wallets
4 - 3.5x5
3 - 4x6
2 - 5x7
1 - 5x7 and 4 wallets
1 5x7 and 2 3.5 x 5

I also uploaded them to Shutterfly if you prefer.

As a side note - these are the girl's Easter dresses but I didn't have time before church on Easter to take pictures. These are way cuter than any I would have taken in the 30 second time window I had before church.

And one more just for fun....

Okay, maybe one more....

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  1. Whoo-hooo! Grandma Tina got my kids an appointment on Friday! Can't wait to see the pictures they take.