Monday, May 10, 2010

Are We There Yet?

I has been a pretty intense couple of weeks around our house. The stomach flu made the rounds, everyone but Pooh Bear catching the dreaded virus (bonus, I lost 6 pounds but prefer not to loose any more that way). The Boss was hit hard. It turns out that both of her ears were beyond infected (can you get  beyond?) which we didn't know because she never ran a fever or showed any classic signs. So she took 3 days to "recover." Then two days later started vomiting again. So off to the doctor where he told me she "probably vomited because of the pain from the ear infections."

Hold the phone. My kid was in so much pain she vomited? Nice. My application for mother of the year just got padded a little more.

Aria's ears never responded to the antibiotic that she was on, which I didn't know because like her sister she 
I only took her back to the doctor because I got her out of the crib one morning and noticed that she was covered in a chicken pox-ish rash.
So, of course I assumed she was now dieing of an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin.The doctor is not at all concerned. Apparently it's a rare reaction to the amoxicillin, not an allergic reaction, not deadly. But her ears are still pretty bad so here's a new antibiotic prescription. This one of course kills all the good bacteria in her digestive tract, gives her diarrhea a lovely shade of red (I won't ever be able to eat red velvet cake, ever) and a wicked diaper rash.

We are slowly moving toward healthy, The Boss is not 100% yet but tonight was laughing like I hadn't heard her laugh in a while, so that's a good sign.
Oh, PS, you can come visit now if you want. Everything has been disinfected/bleached/washed in boiling hot water and I had the carpets cleaned this morning.


  1. I am so glad everyone is feeling better. This is such a cute picture, I love to see the smiling faces!

  2. I am glad they are getting better!

  3. I asked permission to borrow a full suit from HAZ-Mat to come help you guys, but they are really really picky about who borrows them. So while I'm working on recovering from 2+15+7 hrs of surgery, again I am unable to help my OWN family with even a box of soda crackers. Well they look so much better now. We had this when J & J were hurling on their bunk beds getting down, Karen's place of choice was the hallway and since I was pregnant with your husband, I felt like I should get a pass. Ugly Ugly "memory" from about 1974.