Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Taking the Stay Close to Home Vacation Up a Notch

March 12&13, 2010
When we decided to stay close to home this year for our vacation I still wanted it to be a really fun vacation for the girls. So I kicked into manic mode and I made up special staycation packets for everyone. IMG_6042 In their packets were:IMG_6030 1. Stacation dollars (Redeemable, through mom and dad, at any souvenir shop.) They may look a little familiar if you have ever used Disney Dollars ;), so thanks to Disney for the great idea!dollars with sign 2. Tickets to ride on the "Van Horn Van Lines" (do all kids love tickets as much as mine do?)IMG_6032 3. Lanyards with special "pins" for trading.

4. A Travel Journal to document all the fun things they did on vacation

5. An itinerary, activity pages and gum

It's hard to tell what is my favorite thing, the tickets were pretty cool. I had fun making my own money ;) but I think the "pins" were a stroke of brilliance.

I didn't want to have real pins because the Boss and anything sharp is not a good combo. So, I found some Curious George stamps at the dollar spot in Target.IMG_3076 Cut off the rubber stamp with a bread knifeIMG_3074 and hot glued the foam to a plastic barrette.IMG_3078The pins clipped onto the lanyards and the girls could trade with each other or earn new ones from me if they were especially good or helpful.

Drama and Pooh Bear loved everything. They made sure the tickets got collected, checked everything off their itineraries as we did things, loved the “pins” and had fun spending their money. Pooh Bear even wore her lanyard to school the next week! I think they had just as much fun as they would have going far away.


  1. How fun! What a great way to create memories and it doesn't have to cost a lot of money!

  2. That is amazing! You get an A+!!!!!

  3. Wow Amy! I will never let my kids read this because they will then think they have been jipped! Can you send me some of your energy!