Thursday, April 1, 2010


Drama is in the 3rd grade. I know, 3rd Grade! The 3rd graders were given a book report/project assignment where they were to read about a "hero" of their choosing. Drama chose to study Pocahontas and her life. As part of the project the kids had to dress up as their hero and participate in a "Wax Museum". The entire school and the 3rd grade parents were invited to walk through the museum. Here is our little Pocahontas.

Pocahontas bringing food to the starving Jamestown Colony.
The Boss was so excited to see her sister. She kept trying to get her attention. Which resulted in  A LOT of giggles.
Also as part of this project Drama had to write, memorize and present her report as if she were Pocahontas. She did an amazing job writing and memorizing her report!


  1. What a great subject to choose! I would've loved to see it-we were at Jamestown a few years ago. Those people certainly did starve-so were the veggies real?? Maybe that's why the Boss was trying to get at them-and why not?
    Love & Kisses

    ps. I'm wondering how Wax Museum figures giggle?

  2. See, she did great! Who cares about that *other* Pocahontas?