Saturday, April 3, 2010

Drama's Pocahontas Report

I should have recorded one of Drama's dress rehearsals, but I didn't think about it. So, when it finally occurred to me, yesterday, I had her do it again one last time for posterity. She didn't really want to until I told her it was for the blog. . .
See how well she did! 

I have to confess I was one of those "crazy moms" for this project. I tried not the let on too much for Drama's sake, but inside I was insane. I don't ever remember being worried about what other kids (and their uber talented mothers) would come up with when I was in school. There was one other little girl in Drama's class that chose Pocahontas and my competitive nature may have kicked in a teensy weensy bit. Don't misunderstand, Drama did all the work. She did the research, wrote all the information for the poster and typed it into the computer, she chose her pictures and made her poster, wrote her presentation and had no problem memorizing it, I helped put the beads on her costume because there were A lOt of them. No, I worried about whether I was helping her too much or not enough. Was I teaching her how to research or just harping? Was I letting her be creative enough? Would her costume be okay? What if the other Pocahontas was a better Pocahontas? Gasp! (I'm a freak I know and Mark heard all about it as I obsessed.) I turns out I was crazy. Drama did a great job (obviously)!

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  1. Great job Sara! You have really learned a lot, not just about Pocahontas but also how to put together a great presentation! I'm really proud of you!!!