Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Day!

Winter may not be officially here yet, but don't tell that to these 3! It snowed all day yesterday and this morning before church the girls were planning all the fun they could accomplish in the snow this afternoon.

  Miss Bea only lasted about 20 minutes (and went through 3 pairs of mittens) before she wanted to come in and have hot chocolate.

 Pooh Bear and the Boss had plans to build a snow house but unfortunately the snow is not the building kind. As the Boss said, "We tried to build a house and then a snowman but the snow wouldn't work. But it was perfect for making snow angels!"

It is supposed to warm up this week and melt it all away. While it was so beautiful outside this morning on the way to church, honestly, if it melts it won't make me sad at all.


  1. Looks cold!! It has snowed all day here too but we are staying inside where it is warm!

  2. Snow everywhere. Lots of ice here in Annapolis