Saturday, December 21, 2013

Notice Anything Different About This Girl?

December 18, 2013 

Wednesday afternoon, I checked her out of school early and we paid a visit to the eye doctor and got contacts! She is so excited and for once cannot stop thanking me. It took her a really long time to get those buggers in the first time but every time after has gone a little faster. {I feel her pain. I have had to learn to put in 3 different types of contacts all of which took me an obscene amount of time to get the hang of!}

She played a futsal {one type of indoor soccer} game last night and said that they really helped. She did okay scoring 1 of the 2 goals their team made to propel them to victory. {of course the other team only had 3 members show up and we lent them a couple of girls, so it was really more like a scrimmage}

She went back to the eye doc this morning so he could check the fit. Everything looked great so we ordered a year supply. He recommends the dailies for kids her age so I shelled out the dollars and told her that we were taking back her Christmas presents. I was kidding, a little bit.

I think she looks fantastic with or without glasses but she seems to be thrilled to pieces about the contacts. And it is nice to get some Mom currency I might be able to use later. ;)

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