Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Loose, Not Loose Tooth

October 8, 2013

Recently the Boss' front tooth had started to wiggle. Mark tried to pull it out several times, but it was still too stuck in her mouth. So, we told her to wiggle it more, but no matter how much she wiggled it with her tongue it would not come out. The new adult tooth started growing in but it was really far behind the baby tooth and it only made the back of the tooth loose, not the front. The front was stuck tight. I eventually made an appointment with the dentist to see what he thought we should do, let it do it's own thing or take it out? It had begun to bother her when she ate and she really wanted it out so, I would be happy if he suggested taking it out. He did indeed suggest removing it {hello, insurance payment}, so his assistant went about preparing the Boss for the tooth’s removal.

The kids love this dentist. He is really good with kids AND they have TVs in the ceiling that you can watch and listen on headphones, that last part was a big seller for the girls. 

The Boss has her headphones on watching Dora completely unconcerned with what is going on around her. The tooth is still pretty well attached and they have to give her something to numb her mouth up. They tell her that she will feel a little pinch {liars}. I hold her hands nice and tight so she can't hurt herself more than they already are going to. That really was the worst part, the pinch. It took a little bit of elbow grease but the dentist got the tooth out {he had to use something called an elevator, which I can imagine it's function, and I was really glad that they had numbed her little mouth}.

After it was all said and done, she was mad 1. at the girl that pinched her because "she pinched her really hard!" and 2. because she couldn't go to school until she could feel her mouth well enough to eat a snack. But she got a great prize from the prize chest at the dentist office and they sent her tooth home in a neat tooth holder necklace.

At our house the Tooth Fairy pays double for teeth that have to be removed by the dentist. I think she feels the "pinch" is worth the extra $$.

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  1. She was very brave! Glad it is taken care of..