Friday, May 25, 2012

Dance Festival 2012

Today was the annual Dance Festival at Drama and Pooh Bear's school.

It was pouring down rain at 7:45 when I drove the girls to school.

But I have been through the refiner's fire when it comes to sitting in the rain/snow/wind/cold as a REAL Salt Lake season ticket holder so, we prepared for the worst.

But by the time we got to the school around 9:30 it had stopped raining and by the time the festival was over the sun was out and it was hot. Welcome to spring in Utah!

This year they went in order from youngest to oldest so Pooh Bear's grade (third) was up first {well, not first, I guess they were actually 4th, but you get my drift}. It was a new dance with awesome choreography and fun to watch. Pooh Bear did a few round off back handsprings at the very beginning and then rocked out with the rest of her class. Sadly, I didn't bring my good camera because of the rain so I have sad iPhone pictures to share and my phone was doing something weird so I didn't even get very many of those. Mark took video with his phone so you can watch all the dancing excitement! 

Drama's grade went 6th or next or whatever. She's in fifth grade. They had a cowboy/girl theme. They also tried to spice it up this year. Of course Drama is so tall she's waaayyyy in the back. I couldn't even find her until Mark pointed her out. Another awesome jig.

Between dance numbers Mr. Melville, the principal, {I totally just said to myself the principal is your pal to remember how to spell principal. Thank you 4th grade spelling tricks.} Would announce which kids had won the prizes from the Road to Success Reading program they have been doing all year. The kids would receive raffle tickets each week according the number of days they read and now the 5th and 6th graders were all in the running to win a Kindle. And guess which lucky 5th grader's name was called to win the Kindle....Drama's! She said she wasn't even paying attention but I screamed out loud like a crazy person. 

Ironically, she was going to get a Kindle for her birthday on Sunday. Now I have to come up with something else! Great.

Pooh Bear's the one in the hot pink shirt, BTW. {ha} She tumbles first in the back and  then she's on the front row, the 6th girl if you start counting from the left @ the girl with super long blonde hair.

Drama is on row 7 so you can't see her for most of the dance but towards the end when they dance in groups of 2 rows at a time -  she dances with the fourth group and she's front and center with the aqua tee shirt, denim shorts & cowboy hat.


  1. Thanks for posting! I didn't have a good view of Kegan from where I was, but lucky me, he's in your whole video; you'll have to share with me. Anna was so concerned that we did not have Kegan on record twirling a girl.

  2. So fun to see their dances! Wow, its great Drama won the Kindle, now she will never stop reading! Happy birthday tomorrow :)