Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can You Graduate With Honors from Preschool?

If anyone can it would be The Boss for sure!

Last Thursday The Boss graduated from Ms. Cathie's Preschool. She and her classmates have advanced from the 3 year old class to the prestigious 4 year old class.

It was held in the Primary room at the church and included several cute preschoolers, many songs with actions,

 silly faces and giggling.

All year as the class had been learning about the alphabet they made a scrapbook page for each letter and Ms. Cathie collected them all and made them into an adorable bound scrapbook. She presented each book to it's student and read the V page, for Valentine. Ms. Cathie asked them what they loved on Valentine's Day and this is what The Boss had to say:

I love...
my family. I love my 
Grandma and papa. I love 
Pizza Pie and my Mom. 
Oh and my Dad and my 
Mom. I love these shoes too... 
(points to her gold shoes! So cute.)

Ms. Cathie is an amazing teacher!

Of course little Miss Bea wanted to be a part of the action and kept trying to steal someone's chair. She won't have to wait for long, she starts preschool in September!

I tried to take a picture with the camera timer. 

It's always an adventure with these two!

Bring on the Summer!


  1. I loved Ms. Cathie! All 4 of my big girls had her and I just hope she keeps teaching long enough for B to have her!

    And how is it you manage to always look so amazingly put together like right out of a magazine?

  2. I can't believe she has already moved on to the "Big" preschool class, and this fall Bea gets to go too = before long they will be graduating from High School!!