Friday, March 9, 2012

80s Day

It is 80s Day at school today.

Oh the 80s. I had great hair in the 80s. 

And I looked awesome in neon. But really, who didn't?

When I was informed at 8:00 pm last night that it was, in fact, 80s day we had to get pretty creative. So, we found some old tee shirts and cut the neck off and then added some flair to Drama's and cut Pooh Bear's short. To "top" it off we ratted a pony on top of their heads. Oh! And the glove, how could I almost forget the glove?

80s day = Success!

{please don't look at Pooh Bear's shoes. don't buy shoes from shoe carnival, they are the worst. but of course these shoes are the only ones that she can find. her good trainers? Lost. cute boots. lost.}

1 comment:

  1. Brings back memories! (your pony tail was on the side of your head) Super cute!!