Friday, December 30, 2011

Ice Skating at the Olympic Oval

The #1 item on our "to do" list this Christmas/Holiday season {Holidays because we needed Thanksgiving break to New Years to fit all the "to dos" on the list in} anyway, #1 on the list was 

Ice Skating!

The great Groupon had a discount to the Olympic Oval, 50% off for a family of 5. Bea is free except for skate rental because she is still under the magic age limit.

Today we finally headed up to Kearns for the much anticipated Ice Skating Extravaganza!

They had these neat walker/skater holder uppers {technical term} that little kids with no balance or experience could use. In theory, the child could stabilize themselves and learn to skate like a pro. In reality, the child held on for dear life and mom/dad held onto the child's hands and the contraption at the same time while bending at a 90 degree angle scooting around the oval while the child's legs and feet "went all crazy," as the Boss said.

This is the view I had for most of the outing. The Boss couldn't keep her feet going in the right, or even the same direction.

Apparently Bea, who was with Dad, had the same problems as the Boss and I.

Drama got the hang of it right away.

and Pooh Bear was a pro by the end of the outing.

Ahh, a helmet, a really good idea, considering. 
Why won't they even look at me when I am taking a picture?

In the end we had a great time and the Boss cried most of the way  home because she wanted to go back and ice skate. Of course Mark and I will be bed ridden tomorrow from the bending, stooping, lifting, balancing, steadying, and ice skate induced ankle pain.


  1. It amazes me how fast Drama and Pooh Bear catch on to anything athletic. Basketball? no problem - Ice skate? you bet! Looks like you had a great time!!

  2. Maybe Bea and Boss are also thinking about their shin splints tomorrow will bring. Never know! Do they have those contraptions for 68 year old gpas?

  3. looks like a fun outing! thanks so much for the great tips. Soooo helpful! I just read your article on speedwork. LOVED IT!!!! Now if I could just get the green light to RUN!