Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Half Marathon Recap

Woot! I ran a half marathon this morning. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty awesome, except for my legs.
They don't feel so awesome. 

Mark said that the race director was letting everyone know how proud she was of the incredibly hard course she had laid out for us. 

I learned a few things while I was training and at the race. I feel that they could probably be applied in everyday life so I feel it is my obligation to share my nuggets of knowledge with you.

1. Don't be afraid to do something because you will 
not know anyone there. I was worried about hanging 
out by myself before the race, it might be 
embarrassing {shhh}. If you ever need people to 
talk to and don't want to just go up to someone and
say "hey" - go get in the line to the girls bathroom. 
I made 5 friends almost immediately as we marveled at
 the length of the line. And since the line is 
soooo long you won't have much time to fill before
 the gun goes off. Seriously, I was in the
 potty line for 25 minutes. {However, this might
 not work so well for the boys.}

2. Did you know that it is easier on your knees to go uphill 
than it is to run on flat or downhill terrain? I read this  
on the internet last week {so it has to be true}.
 I kept repeating it to myself over and over. My left
 knee had been super sore and I was having a difficult
 time getting it to be happy on my training runs. But 
today I had no knee or ankle pain. At one point I 
thought it might be an indication that I was dying. It was 
weird not feeling the ever present pain from 
the last 3 weeks and I thought that the fact that I 
couldn't feel the pain didn't mean it wasn't there,
 it just meant that I was dying and was beyond feeling pain. 
Of course then I hit the "hills" and wished that I 
had died a mile back.

3. Don't be afraid to finish last. I was worried 
about this one. No one 'wants' to finish last. I decided 
on the hill from Hell that if I ever made it to the
 finish line I didn't care if I was last. I just
wanted to be done. I wasn't last though - there 
were, like, 9 whole people behind me!

4. As a wise old knight in my favorite Indiana 
Jones movie cautioned, "Choose wisely." The next 
race I sign up for I will check out the course 
elevation before I register and pay my $70. The
next race will be flatter than the pancakes I
 make my kids for dinner.

5. At the end of the race the most awesome sight 
was not the finish line {although I'm not gonna lie,
 I was super glad to see it.} The best thing is
 seeing your husband {who put up with all your training} 
and your kids cheering you on and holding your
hand across the finish.

And now you have to endure pictures of sweaty me....
{Oh sure I'll carry you, I haven't done anything much this morning.....}


  1. You are amazing! It's a great accomplishment, be proud - I am!!

  2. So did you wear your number and necklace on Sunday? I was hot just standing there waiting for you?? Could have been bending down picking up the grapes the runners dropped & Aria kept trying to eat. I think she sneaked a few. Oh well, I'm sure her immunity will be much better now.