Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family Reunion - Twenty Eleven

How much fun can you have in 1 week? I didn't use the scientific method or anything but I'm pretty sure that we maxed out last week. My awesome brother {Matt}, his amazing wife {Rosanna}, and their two fantastic kids planned a trip to Grandma Tina and Grandpa Phil's house so of course I had to butt-in on the fun and invite myself and my four maniacs lovies {no that wasn't us that taught Oliver how to jump off really high unstable objects}.

We did so many fun things together. 

Both Matt and Rosanna and Billie and Justin blessed their little bundles of super cuteness in my parents ward.

{My seriously amazing sisters, Billie and Rosanna with their little lovies, Roman and Hazel.}

We took new family pictures since we {them, not me} have added to the family.

This woman was fantastic with all the kids...Excursion Photography.

We went to the zoo.

{I love the faces on these kids in this picture! They say more than words ever could!}

We went to Bear World.

{Bear World is awesome. You drive through the park in your car, the bears are just hanging out, wandering around, and fighting - this close to you - imagine I am holding my thumb and pointer finger only 1 inch apart.}

The adults went to the temple and did an afternoon session together {that was awesome}.

The "kids" played in the pool in Grandma's back yard for many, many hours. 

{This is my baby brother...he's a doctor.}

The highlight might have been going for fro-yo at the Orange Leaf. I am now addicted. No, I have not been there twice this week. You must be thinking of someone else....

I am going to post more detailed posts of the different activities with many, many pictures, for historical purposes and posterity.


  1. So glad my GINORMOUS bowl of frozen yogurt is not pictured. I'm just waiting for Phil to send me the bill. But it was for Oliver... right?

  2. I love the pictures, makes me laugh-out-loud! We had sooo much fun!!!