Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Could Probably Skip this Whole Post and Just Look at the Picture...

Can it already be July 21st? 
Where did the summer go?

I was contemplating catching up on all of my blog posting since I haven't posted about pooh bear's birthday...or drama's birthday...or other things (that I can't recall right now)...But I can only find two of my camera cards and pooh bear's and drama's birthday's are on the card I can't find...
Of course.

{Warning - several mega run on sentences follow, in which I attempt to explain why I am a lame blogger}

I also have to say that because picking up part time employment, raising four {ahem, high maintenance, ahem} children, pretending to be an adequate wife, finding fulfilling/educational/enriching activities for said children during the summer {Dora counts, right?}, being the best ever Webelos Den Mother {ha}, and keeping up on the housework {oh, wait, I don't really do that last one}
....because all of this left me with oodles of extra time, I have decided to train for and theoretically run a half marathon. 
That's right, I have officially lost my mind.
 Thursday mornings are my "long run", that is today if you are keeping track at home, and I have worked my way up to 9.5 miles and I am wondering how I will ever make it to 13.1 August 27. That's the date of the race by the way {haha, race, what a funny word, not at all what I will be doing. Survival, that's what I'll be attempting. So really that's the date of "Attempted Survival"}  If you want to take a moment that morning and offer a prayer {or two} that I don't keel over and die somewhere on the side of the overly hill course in Alpine. I would appreciate it. 

Me=Crazy Lady
Crazy Lady likes to use a lot of .... and {} in her post.

Yes, you should stop reading now, if you haven't already... and {}.

And as a reward for sticking with me through what I can only assume is a side effect of severe sleep deprivation, here is a photo, which is why you come here to begin with right? 

From Bea's birthday party, which I would really like to post... right now...but I'm so tired...5 am is very early...

She very much enjoyed dropping her ice cream onto her tray. She didn't eat it or her cupcake, just the red homemade butter cream frosting. But it was fun to play with.


  1. It's hard to believe she is 2!

  2. Does red homemade butter cream frosting come out of pastel t-shirts without bleaching them white?