Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Ode to Spring

Yesterday was a be.a.u.ti.ful day.

I mean, seriously, can I order a couple more of those please?

Doing their required reading, outside, with Popsicles in their hands, I scored some serious mom bonus points with that.

We have not soaked up enough vitamin D this winter.

Popsicle deliciousness.
{When the Boss decided she didn't want her Popsicle anymore, 
I did NOT hand it to Bea and let her finish it.}

These poor cabin fever babies were devastated when they had to come in for dinner.


  1. Love love love the picture of Pooh Bear in the swing reading! Love it!

  2. These are good to print out and hang up when it snows again. And it will. Cute-Cute.