Thursday, March 10, 2011

lil' Elvis

The hardest thing about going back to work is that I don't remember to take pictures every day and look for those "blogging" moments. You know the wacky little things that my kids do that ya' all love to read about...They still do plenty of wacky things that make me laugh but part of my brain has been allocated to work and I think it took over my brain's blogging space. 

But, this morning I didn't have to go to Drama's class to help in math because they were having a test. {lil' Elvis, The Boss & I go in on Tuesdays and Thursdays and "help" in Drama's math class. I'm not sure how much help I am with those two in tow and Drama informs me that they can be annoying sometimes, but her teacher thinks we are helping. So, we keep comin' back.} Anyway, we decided to play in our jammies for a little while. And so, when lil' Elvis was running around, my blogging brain kicked in and I took these super cute pictures just for you. Okay not just for you but I figured I could share.

 You're Welcome.

This is her new thing, unzipping her jammies, even if they have a snap at the top.

I love bed heads!

She loves to read. "Go Away Big Green Monster!"

{As a matter of fact, as I try to type this now she is sitting on my lap and we are reading one of her favorite books, "Neighborhood Animals."}

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  1. I couldn't figure out where "Elvis" was coming from until I saw the pictures, how funny. Love those blue eyes!