Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sometimes I Just Can't Get a "Head"....

Life is so crazy right now. It's hard to keep up with everything that's going on and still make my bed and clean my room. This morning when Bea climbed up on the bar stool for the 8 hundredth time, I thought she was just being naughty. But apparently Polly needed a drink of apple juice.......

 Seriously, How am I supposed to get anything done if I am fishing heads out of juice all day. That's going to be my new metaphor for the crazy things that happen around here. For example, "Polly's heads in the juice again!" I like it. And I give you all permission to use it as often as needed. You can even put a bad word in front if the situation warrants it. Just make sure that if you are around children you say the bad word in your head! ;)
And to think I almost dumped Polly out and washed her off before I took pictures. Then you would have missed this little slice of crazy.
That would have been sad for you.


  1. How do you think she got that rash? It was her apple juice facial.

  2. I adore that you posted this! So, riddle me this, does Polly have multiple bodies? Or was she just dismembered to fit in the glass?

  3. These particular Polly's heads come off because their clothes are made of hard plastic and snap together instead of the super annoying rubbery clothes. I think the heads come off so you can get the necklaces on? All I know is that Bea loves the game - pull Polly's head off so mommy can put it back on, times by a million.