Thursday, January 27, 2011

Serious Fun Times 4

Friday January 21, 2011, Continued

My previous post was about what happens when one almost 3 year old plays in the water soluble packing peanuts. Since I love math, and my Dad used to say, "Life is a story problem," here is a real life story problem for your enjoyment.

A train leaves the station traveling north at 40 mph {oh, wait, wrong story problem}.

One small living room contains one large box and one small box of water soluble packing peanuts. It also contains one smallish 3 year old girl. After said girl's nap her 2 older sisters arrive home from school and one younger sister wakes from her nap. Determine, using Chaos Theory, how large of a mess can and will be created.

Items of note:
Drama is laying on her back, top half inside the box and lower half outside as if she were working on a fine automobile. Pooh Bear is the project manager...

Bea's not sure what is going on, however, she is L.O.v.I.n.G. every minute of the chaos...

The Boss decided that sharing {in this particular instance} is way fun. The sharing of one's toys has yet to become a pattern. She has also changed out of gymnastics gear and into princess gear...


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  1. This looks way fun. Sometimes a mess is worth it just to keep them busy.