Friday, December 31, 2010


December 9, 2010

Bea and the Boss started taking Gymnastics (the Boss pronounces it "nym-nastics") this month! (This was a trial class because the coaches wanted to make sure that they would like it. Ha! They start their real classes next week at Gymcats!)

Oh man, how much fun can two little girls have at gymnastics? It is truly A LOT.

They start out in the little gym and then they get to play in the big kids' gym on the big trampoline, in the big pit, swing on the rope, jump on the springy floor, walk on the tall beam.... too much fun.

So much fun that I can barely keep up with the two of them, let's not even talk about trying to take some pics of the action!

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  1. "FAME! I'm gonna live foreeevvaaahhh" So cute!