Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Serious Sass

Sometimes I amaze myself with my skillz. I love to browse the site You Can Make This. Every once in a while I feel inspired that, YES, I CAN make that! Today was one of those days, so I made this....
A couple of things I totally shocked myself with, I made my own bias tape. 
That's right, I. made. my. own. 
Now the pattern said to make it out of the same material as the main dress fabric, but of course I didn't have enough of that. So I thought I would make it out of the trim fabric. But what I didn't realize right away was that it would make it (and any mistakes I made) super noticeable. I also thought that the hot pink thread was a good idea until I remembered I was a terrible seamstress!

So I went extra slow, only had to pick out one seam, and practically had a heart attack every time the needle moved....
Two naps and a couple of Dora's later....
And voila! Super cute, super sassy little dress for a super cute, super sass little girl...
 Oh, btw, The Boss got a hair cut.


  1. What a great haircut, and it goes perfectly with that adorable dress!! Way to go!!

  2. So, like, I am needing a slightly larger version with a little jacket. People say I look good in red (ugh-it's the silver hair). We have "Lion King" tickets on Saturday. Since there won't be any fitting appointment, can I pick it up on Friday???

  3. I love the hair cut and the dress, she has turned into a little girl! Who said you are not a seamstress? Great Job!!

  4. Love it! I think you a great at the whole sewing-thing. Better than me, at least :)