Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bea's Myringotomy

Bea has had one too many ear infections, so, bright and early this morning we headed to the hospital for ear tube installation, "Myringotomy and Tubes."Her doctor said that her ears/ear canals were very small. "The 7 month old's he did just before were much bigger." Should I be insulted? I'm not sure what that means but sounds to me like it is a "big" (hahaha, I'm pretty tired) part of her problem.

The whole thing lasted about 20 minutes. The sedation was hard for her to shake off and she was pretty sad until I gave her a bottle and turned off the light. She relaxed and took a tiny nap which was just enough to get the sedative out of her system. She's been tired today but mostly back to her happy self.

Here is her little cute self, happy as can be, in the waiting room...

Sporting the super hip hospital PJs and hanging out until her turn...

Her hospital tag and super cute toes...

Love the jamies...
And then I had to stop taking pictures because she almost fell off the bed, again. We didn't need another reason to be at the hospital.


  1. Smart move. Like the day I was in the ER with my dad at 5:30 am and back at 5:30 pm with John who had a ladder fall over with something on it while working on the stage at school and did a major gash in his skull requiring quite a few stitches. When we got him sewed up we went up to the ICU to check on my dad. I made John stay with me. didn't want to repeat that again.

  2. I am glad it is over and she is feeling better! I think this was a wise choice, no one wants "small ear canals"!

  3. Woot! I told you the worst part was over!