Friday, February 26, 2010

New Camera Strap

These are all the rage and I have been eying them for a while now. A slipcover for your DSLR! How have I live so long without one? It's truly a miracle. The reason I have not given in and bought one is they cost around $30! That was too much for me. But, I had some left over fabric from a project I'm working on and I found this blog, Cluck Cluck Sew, with instructions (which I didn't follow very closely, btw).
I think it turned out pretty amazing given my limited sewing and direction following abilities!

When I showed Mark, I was obviously very proud of myself (not to mention I had just saved him $30 because I didn't buy anything to make this), he was not very impressed and wanted to know what it did. Why, look pretty of course! What does it do? Silly boy. sigh.

ps - I love blog - land. If I want to make something, I can always find someone who has already tried it and posted instructions. Incredible!


  1. What a great job! I love sewing, and a few people think that that makes me a bit crazy. There are only a few things these days that make me feel like I have accomplished something, a finished project that I end up loving and a counter full of canned peaches (or pears or jam).

  2. how exciting! i found your comment on the blog with the pattern as i'm looking to make one too! your strap turned out super cute! (: