Friday, December 11, 2009

The Bald Spot

In the past I have learned to live with "baby pattern baldness." (The spot on the back of a baby's head that has all the hair rubbed off from sleeping on their backs.) Drama, Pooh Bear, and the Boss all had it and it does grow back in, that I'm not worried about. However, the older girls' bald spots were small, a rectangle about 1.5 inch wide by 1 inch tall right on the back of their little noggins. Aria, the little sweetness who's huge toothless smile can instantly make your day, has a ginormous bald spot.

(seriously, that face!)

The entire back of her head is bald. . .

My theory is that she always has to be on the look out for the Boss, cause you never know where she is going to show up, or fall out of the sky (she can climb into Aria's crib, oh dear). She is always looking around, trying to figure out where people are, what they are doing and how she can get in on the action.

The top and sides are pretty whispy now too. I've heard that if you shave their little heads it will all grow back in thick and beautiful. Maybe I will have Mark give her his hair cut.?.?.

And just for fun. . .

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  1. Seriously, the hair is so variable both by God and every girlfriend she will have who talks into going their "favorite stylist" (or at that age, that might be a sister) But I agree, the face; the dark eyes; the darling mouth-and no Mark I'm speaking of the real gorgeousities (is that really a letter)??
    Its the pits I can download your videos. I apparently have an issue or two with media these days. We are on the 11 am schedule. Thias has been the WORST.