Friday, July 24, 2009

Pianist, Basketball Player, Spider Monkey?

Yesterday the temperature reached 100 degrees in Lehi and if you can believe my luck, my air conditioner decided it didn't like working in the heat. My house heated up to a toasty 84 degrees. Way too hot for me and Aria. So, because Aria has a wicked diaper rash, I stripped her down and she had some naked time. My camera was close and I took these pics. She has the longest fingers and toes. She has a future as a pianist, or a basketball player, or she might be a spider monkey? Regardless, her future looks bright!


  1. She is too cute. She might get her long fingers from her Great Grandma Peyton, which is such a beautiful trait. Sonoma has very long fingers, when we put our hands up to match, my fingers are about a 1/2 in shorter than hers. She says it makes it easy to type.

  2. what a cute new addition! all your girls are just adorable.