Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why I love the Gym

Okay, don't be deceived by the title, I really hate most aspects of the gym. Namely, sweating, getting ready, going, working out, sweating, pain, you get the picture. I'm not even too fond of the clothes and don't get me started on the shoes! However, our membership comes with daycare privileges. Need I say more? Well, maybe I should say more; this is my blog after all. An hour and a half - everyday - if I were so motivated! Everyday! So I can show up, drop off the kidlets and "workout" in the awesome theater room watching a movie - in the dark - so no one can see you! So it doesn't matter that you're only 11 weeks pregnant but look more like 26. But I digress. To sum up, if you give me an hour and a half of daycare a day, you can get me to do just about anything I find painful and morally repugnant!

Well, almost. . . I’d have to take it on a case by case basis.


  1. I want to join your gym!! Theater room...working out in the dark?!?! I love it!!!

  2. Is that the same gym with the really cool inside water park? If it is I am sooo jealous, I love that place. I don't understand why our city's in California can't spring some extra cash and provide a great place for families to go and be active. Oh that's right I live in a state that can't pass a budget and that is totally in debt. I guess I will keep going to my yucky gym with out the theater.