Monday, January 19, 2009

Hanging out in the Nursery

Yesterday I was asked to sub in the Nursery. I forgot how much I love the nursery, especially at the beginning of the year. There were only six kiddos and they were mostly happy to be there. One little guy was not too thrilled to be there but quickly fell asleep and his little nap did him wonders for the rest of church. But really, what could be better? Hang out, play with toys, eat some snacks, have a 3 minute lesson, and play some more. I can even handle finding the parents for dirty diapers (2 total) and endlessly wiping runny noses! And The Boss had a wonderful time, as long as she could see me. She loved playing with the other kids and "tasting" all the toys and snack time was a huge hit. The Boss only has 6 more months until she can "legally" go into the nursery. Maybe until then we will invite ourselves in every week! To help, of course.


  1. I'm all for snacks, what could be more fun? Is that why so many dads hang out in the nursery?

  2. When you end up doing all of that on your own in the hallway, you might as well do it in the nursery so Anna can have a social life!

  3. I came into the nursery on Sunday and was sad to hear that snack time was over. Fortunately they were creating necklaces using frootloops, and Anna and I partook freely.