Thursday, October 11, 2012

Family Photos ~ 2012

October 11,2012

{{Also know as ... the one were you get to stare at the 4 most adorable and photogenic children on the face of the planet.}}

Family photos generally are not fun for me. I stress about what everyone should wear so we look coordinated but not matchy. This year we took family photos at Grandma Tina's while Matt and Rosanna et al were in town... And I had to find something for us all to wear to that so I scheduled another session shortly after for my own little family. Yes, we are wearing almost the exact same outfits, but I don't care so you shouldn't either!

We went with FotoFly again because they were so awesome the last time. Only this time we went to their outdoor studio, FotoFly Away, located at Thanksgiving Point. If you're in the market for new family photos call them. Now. {Robyn} I'll wait.....
Here are a few of my favorites, because it's not cool to post all 80+ images that we got back on two {yes, 2} CD's.

The Fam


Pooh Bear

The Boss


And, because we are soooo hip, a photo bomb.

If this wasn't enough peeping on my family {you know who you are} then you can see the rest of the pics at this address... and use the password: 20123122VanHorn. And if you would like prints of your very own to stare at lovingly for hours {Grandmas}, then email me the photo numbers and sizes, etc. etc. and I will order them for you.


  1. These turned out great! How do you decide which ones to order? I love FotoFly .

  2. I commented earlier a, but apparently I can't see the post button. I agree with Tina I may use the "pin the tail on the donkey" method!