Wednesday, November 2, 2011

California Vacation Part 1, The Beach

 Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Temps at the beach 100! at Disneyland 104! Holy Heatwave.

We went on a fun little family vacation in October to California, specifically Disneyland, but we wanted a beach day somewhere in the week. As it turns out California decided to have an unseasonable warm week the week we visited. It got up to 104 degrees on Wednesday! I guess it's a good thing I only packed 2 pairs of long pants for each person, we really didn't need those. Or the 2 jackets per person. But I did bring sunscreen, lots of sunscreen.

Anyway, Wednesday turned out to be a perfect beach day. At the suggestion of Grandma and Grandpa Van Horn {who are still sulking because it wasn't their turn to be the Grandparent chaperones ;)}we went to Huntington Beach and it was A.MAZ.ING!

It was Grandpa Phil and Grandma Tina's turn to chaperone this family's vacation - lucky.

Perfect sand with lots of sea shells for the girls to discover. We got there pretty early in the day so it was still pretty chilly, hence the jackets, but we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. The girls loved watching the surfers out on the waves, that was fun.

Drama and Pooh Bear started building a sandcastle with dad but spent most of the time playing in the ocean.

The Boss loved playing in the giant sandbox and eventually had fun playing in the waves.

She was moving sand from one end of the beach to the other - with a plastic spoon.

Bea was the most hesitant about the "big water." She was fascinated by the ocean and the waves and loved marching in the wet sand but wanted me to pick her up if a big wave came close. After a little while she braved all but the biggest waves while clinging to my hand and laughing. When we left she turned and waved good bye to the "big water" several times.

It was a fantastic day! Perfect beach. Perfect weather. Perfect Sand. And playing in the ocean!

The sand didn't taste perfect though, but she had to try.

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  1. We had so much fun! I wish we were still in all that warm weather! The girls were so fun, can't wait till we go again!