Monday, October 17, 2011

New Specks

Pooh Bear got her new glasses today. (If you can believe it she lost her other ones, which we {I} discovered 2 days before we left for Disneyland. They were in the bottom of the shoe basket, under all of the shoes. Isn't that where you keep yours?)

Her eye dr. told her she should wear them all the time now as her eye/brain connection is in overdrive trying to compensate for her farsightedness {which spell checker confirms is an actual word!}.

She looks smart. Unfortunately, these glasses haven't helped us find her missing school planner that she has to turn in each morning with a parent signature to receive proper credit for her homework.

Speaking of the car today, The Boss informed me that her eye hurt. Here is the following conversation:

the Boss: "My eye hurts. I need to go to the doctor."
Me: "Why do you need to go to the doctor? Can't I help your eye feel better when we get home?"
the Boss: "No. I need to go to the doctor so he can kiss it better."

And now you know why an MD is so expensive. It takes a long time to get those medically necessary kisses just right!


  1. Pooh looks great in her new glasses, they match those baby blue eyes - I love them!

  2. The Boss probably has a kid in her future who will go through all those years of education who will be the Bosses "in house resident Dr kisser". She's waaayy ahead of you in the master game plan. I agree with gma Tina Ella. Those the the best glasses yet! Beautiful BLUE eyes! Of course.