Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Camping - For Real

If you know me, you know that I am not a camper. You know that I was not raised a camper. I went camping a couple of times in my youth, and have great memories of camping with my Grandparents, but "camping" in my family is staying at the lower budget hotel. Seriously. Drama and Pooh Bear love to "camp" with my parents at the local Marriott. They recently discovered what camping really is and have been begging to go "real" camping ever since. {okay maybe recently as in a few years ago but my power to block out painful activity requests by my children is great!} 

Finally, over Labor Day weekend Mark and Grandpa Van Horn took Drama and Pooh Bear For Real Camping!
In a Tent.
On the Ground. 
In Nature.

Grandma Van Horn and I, being the more sensible ones in the family, opted to take The Boss and Bea up for the campfire dinner and dessert and then go home to our warm cozy beds and sleep.
In a house.
In a bed.
Where nature was not invited.

Mouth full of cookie....

I don't know why they insisted on sitting under the table. They wouldn't sit anywhere else!

Serious conversations.....

Mmmmm, dutch oven peach cobbler...

When we got home, The Boss was seriously ticked that she didn't get to sleep in a tent. So I pulled out the play tent, set it up in her room and she zonked right out! She slept there for most of the night and then took a nap in it the next day...

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  1. It looks like lots of fun, almost makes me want to....hum, maybe not.