Monday, December 1, 2008

Pooh Bear

This post is dedicated to my Pooh Bear. The other day I was watching Pooh Bear, my little tornado, and thought that I should write a post just about her. But where to start? She is very strong willed and often gets her way out of shear determination. But she also has this very generous side that loves to be helpful. She helps me give the baby a bath and then while I am drying, lotioning and dressing the baby, she cleans up all the bath toys and takes the bath mat out of the tub to dry. When I get done with The Boss, she is making my bed and cleaning up all of the baby's toys on my bedroom floor. When I asked her what she was doing she told me "I'm serving you. It makes my heart happy." Let me tell you that girl could get away with anything after she said that to me. Talk about a heart melter!

Pooh Bear is very active, both physically and mentally. I can always see the wheels in motion behind her eyes in that little head of hers. One day she asked me if I was thinking what she was thinking? I said something like time to clean up your bedroom? and she said, "No, silly. I was thinking yogurt!" She also has informed me that she is going to marry one of the boys in her primary class. She told me one day in the car, after we had dropped Drama off at school and on our way to Sonic, "I've chosen Sam to marry. He's going to be my Mark."

With Pooh Bear's very active life style comes some accidents. She is always running around (I can't get her to stop), swinging or jumping on things. It usually doesn't take her very long to fall or bonk into something but she jumps right up and says, "I'm okay!" I don't think that she said that last Tuesday. She came home from school with a nice black eye. She and a friend had bonked heads together and she jumped into the car after school with a baggie full of melting ice. You know that had to hurt. I took these pictures that very morning. I should have got some "after" pictures but didn't think about it.

Pooh Bear is a blessing and a joy in our house. Life would be so dull without her. We have so much fun together and even though there are the times when I look at her like she is from another planet and I throw my hands into the air and say "Fine, whatever, I don't care!" she really is a wonderful, loving, kind, five year old. We have our tense moments. But, while they can be intense, they are few and far between. She loves to smile and think up crazy things that make others smile, or laugh out loud. I love you Pooh Bear! You're crazy and no, I'm probably not ever thinking what you are thinking!


  1. It's the second child syndrome. We are all just adorable.

  2. An other word for "Ella" is "joyful", (its in the dictionary) and she makes my heart happy too!

  3. So cute! All of your girls totally get their looks and personality from you.

  4. That was delightful! I hope you print this out for her scrapbook so she & you can read it when she is 13!
    Love, Gma VH

  5. I have to laugh because that's my Britton (the 2nd child!) I am so happy I found your blog! The girls are adorable and congratulations on the upcoming arrival! Take care! -Heather